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Are Your Routers and Switches Ready for Business Continuity?

For disaster preparedness, there’s no time like the present to put a plan in place. It’s a good time to review business continuity plans and prepare policies and procedures for dealing with disaster. If this brings to mind all the big things that can affect your operations — storms, fires, floods, and so on — […]

How Many Axes of Motion Can You Control with the Omron NX7 PLC?

64 128 256 1,000,000 Designed to address the most demanding industrial control and motion applications, this programmable logic controller has a sophisticated CPU that enables superior performance and flexibility. The correct answer is both B and C. The Sysmac NX7 has built-in support for 128 and 256 axes of motion. For more information, click here […]

Do We Need a Safety Risk Assessment?

Q: We just bought some brand new equipment. Should we consider a safety risk assessment? A: Most organizations know that they need safety guarding around equipment. So why do you need to complete a thorough risk assessment? Safe operations incorporate more than just the existence of safety equipment — there are multiple guarding options for […]

Multiple Safety Guarding Solutions in a Small Package

Scanner and sensor technology has become increasingly sophisticated. Better still, all these features don’t need to take up a lot of space. Omron’s OS32C Safety Laser Area Scanner is a great example of how a small scanner can provide a ton of functionality for safety guarding, intrusion detection, and collision avoidance applications. At just 104.5 […]

Maximum Safety Guarding in Medium Security

The federal government takes safety seriously. This is true in the Capitol, in the military — and in U.S. medium security federal prisons. Many prison work programs incorporate manufacturing processes designed to provide inmates with job training that they can use upon release, as well as being a productive activity during incarceration. As with any […]

Who Invented the Electric Car?

In 2010, Tesla Motors developed a luxury electric sports car that had a range of more than 200 miles on a single charge. But who first invented the electric car? Submit your answer by July 29, and we’ll enter you in a drawing for a $20 gift card!

Work Safer with Electrical Systems

In any manufacturing or mechanical environment, safety is top priority — and electrical safety is a special area of concern. Along with continuous safety training, manufacturers use safety guarding, motion detection, gating, and other safety solutions to ensure workers can perform duties safely around equipment. Manufacturers are always looking for additional tools and methods to […]

Time to Reduce Noise in Your Environment? (What Did You Say?)

Noise is a major concern in most of our customers’ environments. It isn’t something you can get away from; you can use various methods to move noise around and dampen it, but it’s always a factor. According to OSHA, noise-related hearing loss is one of the most prevalent occupational health concerns in the U.S. Short-term […]

A Perfect Solution, No Matter How You Look at It

Much of the success of Richard Greene’s recent solution for an expanding client’s floor space problem was due to the flexibility, mounting options, and reliability of the linear actuator we used: the ORIGA HMR. Parker Hannifin’s new electromechanical linear actuator series offers the convenience of a complete drive package with a linear actuator, gear, and […]

Find Solutions That Fit Your Expanding Business

It’s great to see manufacturing organizations creating new products and growing their business. But what happens when that growth hits a brick wall — literally? One Richard Greene Company customer recently ran into just that problem. The business was expanding, but it was not able to expand the space it had for manufacturing operations. As […]

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